Bringing positive change to the lives of people around her and further afield is a significant facet of Hanneli’s calling. The initiatives in which she is involved are focused mainly on empowering the local community through active training, educational support and upliftment.

In her endeavours to enhance the living conditions and development of the workforce on the family farms, Hanneli was closely involved in the establishment of a modern workers’ village, Dennegeur. The village provides its residents with a crèche, clinic, sport facilities and after-care for school-children. A full-time community worker also heads a programme for skills development and adult education.

The Hanneli Rupert Missionary Trust, that funds projects for the mobilisation of prayer and training of evangelists and missionaries, was founded and is headed by Hanneli. The Trust is aimed at promoting evangelical projects in Southern Africa.

Hanneli was also the founder of a philanthropy-associated project, in Harmonie. At the heart of this facility lies the intention to serve as a Place of Change – change made evident by means of transition from disharmony to harmony through rest, restoration and, ultimately, reconciliation. Opportunities are constantly created for conversations regarding Business, Education, Foundations and Churches, with all interaction revolving around reconciliation.